UC&CS GLOBAL It is a conjunction of accountants, lawyers and business advisers who are present in the five continents of the world, to provide global services to the clients of the firms that make up our network.

The offices that we have come with a profile of the big firms and provide professional advisory services of financial, administrative, accounting, fiscal, legal, systems consulting, marketing, productivity, quality, including ISO 9000 for all our clients, We also have a very important area that is the audit of financial statements, which is where we were born, but with a profile of business advisor, the network for all the clients that make it up through the offices that are affiliated.

Today our firm is made up of three major divisions:

UC&CS Global is divided into three major regions: the Americas region through UC&CS America, the Europe, Middle East and Africa-EMEA Region, and the Asia Pacific region, each one of these regions integrates accounting, law and business advisory firms on each of these regions to provide global services to clients.

We are directly present in 30 countries and through correspondents and alliances in more than 50 countries, with 123 professional firms among which are direct members and those who are with us through strategic alliances that are exclusively with UC&CS Global with more than 200 offices worldwide and staffed with more than 3,000 people with global revenues of approximately $ 228 million.

In the classification made by the international accounting bulletin, we are classified as the number 22 firm in the world, the number 5 firm in Mexico and the number 9 in Latin America, this indicates that our presence has already passed all the firms with much more seniority That we, this growth has been carried out thanks to the fact that we have a great strength that is to provide a multidisciplinary and global service,  first Latin American and now with the integration of the other continents in an international global service where we can carry out audits of groups that are In different countries, we can carry out projects of legal advice or consultancy or administrative systems and financial consulting, mergers and acquisitions, funding of international projects, etc.,  and this can be anywhere in the world.

Among the services we provide as a multidisciplinary firm, there is the audit of financial statements, based on international auditing standards, which has to do with the conversion of financial statements to IFRS-International Financial Reporting Standards, tax advisory and legal advisory services including litigation, transfer pricing studies, accounting and payroll outsourcing, start-up anywhere in the world, financial advice including the purchase and sale of companies, and the service of mergers and acquisitions and how to bring a company to the stock market or fund a project in the financial markets.

Our people are the most valuable, we have more than 120 professional firms that follow the same training program, using the same audit methodology, the same audit software called UC&CS ARBASOFT-Auditing Risk Based Auditing Software  and with all this we guarantee our clients a Global and Quality Service, since we incorporate in the practice of our Offices, the New Quality Standard issued by the IFAC-International Federation of Accountants, which is the ISQM1 Y 2-International Standard for Quality Management

The future of UC&CS Global is to continue with the expansion, through organic growth and the consolidation of the strategic alliances that we have, both in Asia, in Europe, in Africa, in the Middle East and in Oceania.


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