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Our mission is to create and maintain the best international association of accounting, legal and business advisory firms in the world, providing our clients with the highest quality services in our areas of expertise, which include international financial information standards, international auditing standards, legal and fiscal counseling, international business counseling, transfer costs, international trade, outsourcing, system implementation, financial advisory, human resources advisory, purchase, sale and liquidation of companies, and more.

Our Global values include the following:


Our highest priorities are professional development and honoring our commitments to our clients.


At all times and without exception, we conduct our business with honesty, legality, and transparency.



Honest and reliable service is our first priority, both internally and externally.



Fairness in our dealings with clients ensures beneficial outcomes both for firms and clients.


Our firm holds to the highest standards of professional and personal behavior.


According to the latest survey conducted by the International Accounting Bulletin issued by the VRL Knowledge Bank Group, we are among the top 30 global firms in the world, the top 15 firms in Mexico, and the top 10 independent firm associations.

We predict two major changes in this industry. The first is the continued globalization of the profession. This globalization has already produced a need for international accounting standards, such as the existing IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). We are already training our staff about the IFRS to enable them to face the challenges in the future of this profession.


The second change is our clients’ growing need for advice with a business focus. Rather than offering only accounting services or fiscal advisory, it has become necessary to also offer financial and legal advice, outsourcing and human resources services, and accounting systems review.

Our firm has specialists in almost all industries, including :


  • Agriculture

  • Hospitality

  • Commerce

  • Industry

  • Car parts

  • Car agencies

  • Government and public services

  • Construction

  • Water and gas

  • Technology

  • NGOs


In the long term, we want to be known as the most geographically widespread firm in the world. We are already the top firm in the Americas both in geographic coverage and in the scope of our services. We also cover all the areas considered “non-lucrative” by the Big 4 accounting firms. We provide first-class services throughout the Americas, helping our clients to be competitive in the global market.

Mauricio Mobarak, CPA AND MBA
President of the Global Board of Directors

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