Our Mission is to create and keep the best Global Association of Accounting, Legal and Business Advisory Firms in all the World, that provide our clients the best quality services in our areas of knowledge such as International Norms of Financial Information, International Norms of Auditing, Taxes, Legal and Fiscal Advisory, Advisory in International Affairs, Transfer Pricing, International Trade, Outsourcing, Systems Implantation, Financial Advisory, Advisory in Human Resources, Purchase, Sale and Liquidation of companies.

Our Global Values are the following:


Every member of the firm has as a maximum priority the professional upgrading and fulfillment of the commitments got with our clients.


Every moment and with no exception we always act with truth, in an action frame of legality and transparence.


Internally and externally we offer fidelity and honesty, preserving service as our maximum priority.



Justice in the relationships with our clients makes that our job has a reasonable benefit, according to the effort made, the applied technique and results got.


Any act of our Firm is framed by the highest standards of professional and personal characters. Any other interest blemishes our acting.


Every member can find in the firm what it has sown.

We are in the Group of the 30 most important Global Firms in the World according to the last survey of the International Accounting Bulletin, issued by the VRL Knowledge Bank Group.

In Mexico we are within the 15 most important firms and the 10 associations of Independent Firms, according with the International Accounting Bulletin too.

We visualize two large changes in industry. The first one is the globalization of the profession, resulting in the need of international accountancy standards that are the NIIF (International Norms of Financial Information). We are already training our people about this NIIF to be able to face the challenges of the future in this profession.

The second one is the growing need to advise our clients with focus of businessman, and forgetting about the idea of giving just the accountancy or fiscal advise, but giving whole ideas or services of Financial, Legal, Fiscal, Outsourcing, Human Resources, and System Advisory.

Our firm has specialists in almost all industries, mainly in :


  • Agriculture

  • Hotel industry

  • Commercial enterprises

  • Industrial enterprises

  • Car parts

  • Car agencies

  • Government and public services

  • Constructors

  • Water and gas enterprises

  • Technology enterprises

  • NGO´s

In the long term, we want to be known as the most geographically diffused firm in every country of the World, as we are already in America, where we are in the first place in geographical covering, but also in the specialization of our services. We are covering all the areas considered as “non lucrative” by the Big 4. We are also covering every place of America with first class services and help our clients to be competitive in the Global Market.

Mauricio Mobarak, CPA AND MBA
President of the Global Board of Directors