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Digital Meeting September 25-29th
Face to Face meeting October 2nd-3rd

Video Memories Conference 2022

UC&CS GLOBAL is an association of independent firms from all over the world. Each firm is an independent, legally established entity and therefore there is no responsibility from either the association as a whole or the individual associated firms for actions or omissions carried out by any associated entity. 

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UC&CS GLOBAL is the association #19 in the World:

  • The association number 4 in Latin America

  • The association number 19 in North America

  • The association number 18 in the Middle East

  • The association number 19 in Europe

  • The association number 19 in Africa

  • The association number 19 in Asia Pacific

  • The association ranked as number 19 in Tax Advisory

  • The association ranked as number 19 in Management Consulting

  • The association ranked as number 19 in Auditing, Accounting and Assurance

Our global numbers are:

62 million dollars in total revenue

2,007 total staff (697 women)

8,992 total clients Worldwide

284 partners (80 women)

112 CPA Firms, 186 offices

Presence in 38 countries directly and 60 more through correspondents



Here you will find interesting articles that have been published in the UC&CS Magazine as well as collaborations from our partners on other websites.

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Anual Conference 2022

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Book Accountants before Globalization
Mauricio Mobarak

UC&CS Global 25th Anniversary

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